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The wired antique merchant Julien Segard proposes a Selection of furnitures from the 50s to 80s with the preference of an eclectic and minimalist display.

A wired Flea Market in Saint-Ouen

In the wired flea market of Saint-Ouen collectors, interior designers, decorators, antique dealers and passionate customers, all are coming there to find decorative objects. Their common passion, the decoration of interiors.

The small world of the flea market of Saint-Ouen located near the metro Porte de Clignancourt is a parisian institution.

There is a lot of discussion and exchange based on the physical encounter with the merchants.
Taking time to chat, to have a coffee with his merchant is part of a ritual for all visitors.
We must be able to benefit from advice on a trend in a constantly changing market.

For all Saint-Ouen flea merchants, the decoration of the sales space must be original to arouse the interest of french and international customers.

When the selection of objects in display is minimal the choice can be risky but also a good bet to put forward an artist, a particular work.

A wired dealer in the Flea Market Paul Bert

Antique merchant at the Paul Bert Market for more than ten years, Julien Segard proposes a Selection of furnitures from the 50s to 80s with the preference of an eclectic and minimalist display.

Julien SegardJulien Segard


Julien Segard

Julien Segard’s stand

Chair by Guillerme Chambron in oak and straw circa 1960
Choir stool
Double wall lamp G5 by Pierre Guariche
Table of Jean LEGROS dated 1974
Floor lamp LUNEL circa 1950
Oak corner and curved glass circa 1940
Floor lamp LUNEL circa 1950
Suspensions of Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Morup circa 1960
Sofa in velvet 1940
Illuminating mirror by Emiel STEIJNAR about 1960
Street lamp by Maurice FLACHET published by Guillemard in 1950
Coffee table, wooden frame crab shape and tray in rosaline (rosé glass of the 40s)

At the bottom, Denis MOROG concrete wall (9 panels out of 16)

Focus on Denis Morog concrete wall

The bet of the merchants of Saint-Ouen is to renew itself constantly by playing on an optimization of the sales area and stocks.
The objects presented must change constantly, buyers who spend at least once a week want to see something new.

The choice of the objects to be exhibited is a difficult decision, some works are unknown.

Denis MOROG concrete wall

Julien Segard shows a beautiful an original piece that demonstrate a strategic choice to highlight an artistic approach.
Like this concrete wall sculpted by Denis Morog which have all the characteristics of a marvellous work.
Concrete as building materials becomes a work of art when it is worked as a sculpture by Denis Morog, an industrialist of carved concrete, unknown to the general public.

It is probably the commun interest between Cédric Grare and Julien Segard which is part of these happy encounters that will reveal the artist Denis Morog.


Whatever the nature of the objects sold,
Julien has to be on permanent watch including on what happens
on the stands of neighboring buddies.


Marché Paul Bert, opened from friday to monday but check opening on Marché Paul Bert website.

Stand Julien Segard – Allée 1 – Stand 26

Julien Segard website 


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