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Frédéric Leloup, who I’am ?

Born in Paris as I spent my early years in boulevard Exelmans then in Rachel Avenue, one of the smallest streets of Paris, close to Moulin Rouge, Rue Lepic and Caulaincourt cemetery. This is the place where my love for the city of Paris has become unconditional.

As a french professional photographer enthusiast, I have been attracted very early by the pictures of the most famous humanist photographers like Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Willy Ronis who have worn a photographic look on my city.

The most appropriate word to express what is photography for me, is adventure. There is no photo without adventure. Photography surprise me every day because it is able to renew itself constantly, inexhaustibly.

When traveling abroad all the people I met have always talked about Paris as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, that coming to Paris was their dream.

Self-educated in photography but after following Nikon School in Paris and being assistant for a professional photographer in Paris, I became a freelance professional photographer for interior designers, families, musicians, families, store signs or corporate events.

Several trips in Iceland have led me to present series of pictures of the sleepy little town of Siglufjordur situated on the edge of a fjord in northern Iceland. The exhibition took place in the Gallery Grana in July 2010 during the annual folk music festival.

Then after several reports for the folk festival Siglufjordur I started publishing reviews under frederic leloup with pictures for a cultural magazine on the web. Music is my second passion after photography.

A photographer in Paris

Before to be a professional photographer,  i used to be manager in Bang & Olufsen during twenty years to integrate sound and video as consultant for the greatest architects and Parisian designers in the finest hotels and interiors of Paris. I used to drive on the streets of the capital with my scooter during those years and can say today that I know all the streets of Paris

I always told myself that one day I will share my knowledge of photography and the city with travelers photographers to discover Paris with me, as local guide and frenh photographer in Paris.


Parisian Clichés

Parisian Clichés activity was launched for travelers and photographers planning to visit Paris to find amazing tours to realize in the city of lights.

Booking a workshop with Parisian Clichés makes it to experience a photographic adventure with a parisian guide photographer in Paris who knows his city, as an expert.

Participants are invited to meet me to share my tips on photography cityscape and my best addresses and anecdotes about the city and his history.

Why booking a photography workshop tour with Parisian Clichés?

Individual courses allow to respond to all the major expectations of a photographer. Whether beginner, advanced or professional, the photographer can move quickly from one place to another according to their desires, to spend more time on a place during the golden hour to another without having to seek the approval of a group. Often a shooting angle is unique and that the shooting is suddenly crowded by the group.

Transportation of the gear equipment for a photographer is a major problem to move from one place to another. The transport of a DSLR camera with its optical and tripod are very heavy and being able to carry all this equipment on a scooter in a top case provided for this purpose makes it extremely easy all travel. It’s a huge relief to be able to move so freely.

Circulation has become very complicated in the capital and public transport such as bus or subway are stressful to transport his equipment. Keeping an eye on his device, do not miss the station, up and down stairs without escalator are brakes to engage over long distances..

A unique point view of the city while having the ability to stop at any time for the simple reason of wanting to make a picture because a light is suddenly incredible and it is perfectly possible to stop there in this specific location that was not expected and one of our best shots possible.It’s a perfect ballade on a scooter in Paris.

Flexibilty. We must not forget the obsession that drives a photographer who is constantly seeking to achieve the best possible shots during his stay in the capital. How many photographers have regretted not having been able to take a picture because it was not possible to stop there before this beautiful place while the light was at the rendezvous?

Satisfaction. My goal throughout a course is to meet the expectations of the participant and not to impose a rate.
Instead, take the time desired by the customer is an essential rule.
Taking the time to take a picture with a tripod, very long exposures or just shoot camera in hand with high ISO.

Shooting to your rhythm . Do a shoot of the most visited places in three hours or take time with a day tour in Paris with an eight-hour format..

Themas closed to your aspirations. You maybe prefer Art Nouveau Photography workshop Tour than Street Art Photography workshop Tour. Fans of Marcel Proust are crazy to discover Paris’s Marcel Proust throught photography.

The insecurity has also become a major concern for all travelers capitals worldwide. Reducing its walkability public transport minimizes the risk of theft. All photographers lighten their bags at checkout to reason that their equipment is cumbersome and expensive and are afraid to attract the greed?

Good service : A pick-up in front of the hotel and back and a meal in a french bistrot are included for long workshops with free loan tripod on request. Free Small bottle of water in the top case with USB for charging Smartphone.


The originality of Parisian clichés with frederic leloup is to offer a guided tour of the scooter in the city while learning photography or photographic technique to improve its urban with a choice of practical and individual workshops to meet 100% of the participant’s requests every day of the year.

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