Culture Design photography : Focus on “Arrêt sur Design”

“Arrêt sur Design” 10 portraits by Frédéric Leloup

First of all, the next edition of the famous design market will take place sunday 13th of october.
As a culture design day we will focus on Frédéric Leloup Photography during Undesignable Market Paris, his tribute to the art dealers.
More than 70 design resellers will show the best furnitures from France and Europe.

Lovers of vintage design will find pieces signed by the great designers who have marked history and our interiors.
Certainly the main designers are Cees Braakman, Pierre Paulin, Friso Kramer, Jean Prouvé, Pierre Guariche but also Arne Jacobsen, Bruno Mathsson, Charles & Ray Eames or Joe Colombo and even more.
Many more will probably be unveiled with the last arrivals.

A tribute to the design resellers

After some years of collaboration with Undesignable Market Paris, Frédéric Leloup professional photographer in Parisian Clichés celebrates the 10th Edition anniversary of Undesignable Market Paris.

A culture design day for a photography exhibition presenting the loyalest design resellers.

Arrêt sur Design : The choice of the wide angle Nikon lens 14-24 mm 2.8

To reveal objects, lamps, furnitures we need to use most of the time the Nikon lens 24-70.
In addition, to focus very close to the objects the use of the 70-200 mm is certainly the best lens to isolate the subject. To create some nice blur around the portrait with the people walking around.

However, i should not forget that those men and women are involved to sell furnitures with a great knowledge of vintage design.
All items get history and the process to find the right item can be a very long process before arriving on the displays of the stands.

For that reason the use of the Nikon lens 14-24mm was of course an evidence to reveal a maximum of items around the portraits.
Those furnitures are part of their own personal history.
The use of a 85mm should have been a mistake.

I’am finally happy to get 10 portraits for the 10th edition of Undesignable Market Paris.

frederic leloup
parisian clichés
culture design
arrêt sur design
Frédéric Leloup with one of the 10 prints

A Culture Design spirit of vintage furnitures

A universe of enthusiasts, crazy dealers of vintage furnitures, from all over France, Germany, Sweden and Holland.

Taken on the screw, in a situation of waiting, of availability which precedes a meeting, Frédéric Leloup knew how to capture all the passion which is hidden behind their eyes.

Professional lovers of vintage design with easy contact to share ideas and ask for advice.

culture design
arrêt sur design
Richard & Axelle Serrault

Because of the rain, wind or storm, furnitures need to be protected during the fair.

After hours traveled in the trucks most of them are tired due to a trip of several hundred kilometers. Finally their night ends for the vast majority of them by a mounting in the wake at dawn.
Reseller always in the right mood to welcome the first visitors from 7am.

culture design
undesignable market paris
arrêt sur design
Undesignable Market Paris in Jussieu

A flea market closed to the most antic landmark of Paris

The undesignable market is on the forecourt of the Pierre & Marie Curie Campus in the district of Jussieu.

flea market design
antic landmark
culture design
arrêt sur design
Zamansky tower in the middle of Pierre & Marie campus – view from Lutèce arenas

Undesignable Market Paris -A culture Design event.
Exhibition “Arrêt sur Design” – Sunday 13th from 9am to 5 pm.
Under the arcades of the Faculty of Sciences Pierre & Marie Curie.
Rue des fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris.
Métro : Cardinal Lemoine or Jussieu.

Undesignable Market Paris
Sunday 13th of October 2019

Frédéric Leloup – Parisian Clichés
More information about 5th Edition, my first edition as photographer for Undesignable Market Paris

My portfolio is on Squarespace

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