Confessions of a Geek Photographer

I have a confession to make, and it’s not an easy one.
I don’t always take photographs, and when I don’t, I am a total geek. To make things worse, I am a big fan of Apple.

I could explain myself by saying that it helps me in my photography work. Obviously it’s not always the case, but when it is, I get overexcited.
So when Lightroom team announced two weeks ago that it is now available on Apple TV 4th Gen, I was thrilled.

From a photographer perspective, this is a great news. It means that you can finally watch your pictures on your Apple TV, i.e. a big screen with the best possible quality. This will help you improve your photographs A LOT.

Imagine you’re taking a retouching class with Parisian Clichés (click here to register!). With the new Lightroom app, we’ll navigate through all your photos one by one on my 100 inches screen with my new Apple TV.
We’ll be able to see every single detail within your pictures, take exactly what we want to and immediately see what they will look like on a big screen.

Believe me, you’ll create photographs that will wow your folks!

Lightroom with new Apple Tv 4th generation