Paris snow

paris snow

Paris snow creates magic pictures

Paris snow creates magic during the night from Tuesday 6th of February 10 pm until morning 3pm.

Before going for shooting by night, specially when the weather is difficult make a check list.

To catch the magic of the snow falling down in the streets and dark sky need some basic equipment to protect yourself and your gear.

When the weather is extreme you must walk and leave the car, scooter or bike.
Remember the metro is closing after 12:30 am.

Photography tips to prepare your next shooting by night

Even if Paris snow is not Iceland snow you must be aware to get a good equipment to walk comfortably on the streets full of snow or cold water.
It requires warm jacket, good shoes to walk in the cold snow and water.
You need two pairs of gloves, a warm one and a silk one to be more confortable to change the set up of your camera.

You will be quickly cold and wet if your personal equipment is not adequate and watertight.

Your camera needs a very good protection when snow is falling and specially when the wind is more or less strong.
The best equipment available on the market is maybe the rain cover E-702 ProLitght from Kata for reflex and of course to cover your lenses from 24 mm to 200mm. Manfrotto is now selling this cover.


rain cover E-702


If you stay in Paris to get this rain cover in a hurry you will find the Rain cover E-702
in the professional store like Objectif Bastille by following this link.
(Store opening Monday to Friday)

The most important photography tips for your course concern your lens.

First of all your lens needs a basic neutral filter to protect it you maybe get already fixed on it.
With a rain cover there is no protection of front of the lens.
If some flakes of snow or drops of rain are touching the lens you need a small tissues to clean it.
If you plan to shoot for many hours you need to plan to get a lot, cleaned and dried.
Maybe you need to clean the lens for each shoot, depends of the direction of the wind. Bring many with you it’s not luxury.


photography tips

The lens before a shoot.
Clean the lens with a dried tissue for every shoot
Bring a lot of tissues – maybe one of the most important tips


Organize your next Paris landmarks course

When you choose Parisian Clichés to organize your night photography workshop we will move with your gear on my scooter. On the top case specially built for that we will secure your gear. We will ride also easily in all the districts on the city.

When rain or snow is falling heavily we must arrange car transfer to protect your camera, lenses, tripod and yourself of course.
The traffic is down during the night in Paris so there is no problem to move between two Paris landmarks.
Parking is also more easy.

Concorde Place by night with snow falling and cold wind blowing
Shooting with a tripod – rain cover – Iso 100 – 32 mm – f/16 – 3 seconds exposure
This photography is taken with a tripod but with low Iso to catch the lights like little stars.
The now is falling and doesn’t appear clearly.

You need a minimum equipment and gear when planning this kind of night photography specially when the snow falls sharply.
A basic umbrella can be useful of course but on the top of the equipment we talked above.

paris snow
Notre-dame des Victoires Place by night with snow falling and cold wind blowing
Shooting without a tripod – rain cover – Iso 3200 – 24 mm – f/2,8 – 1/40 seconds exposure
This photography is taken without a tripod but with high Iso to catch the Paris snow falling but with a slow speed.
The lights are not sparkling due to the speed exposure


To learn more about a customized night photography workshop check out here my review from april here.

Book your next Paris photography workshop tour Now with The best of Paris in 3 hours or your own customized night photography Tour.

Within a 3 or 8 hours photography workshop tour we can shoot the most beautiful Paris landmarks.


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  1. “Notre-dame des Victoires Place by night with snow falling” is a gorgeous photo. Nice use of slow speed to capture the snow in the night sky.

  2. Thanks Ellen for your nice comment. Waiting for the snow next winter to catch more pics.

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