Vintage Vehicules Taking Over Paris !

9ème Traversée de Paris vintage Cars

If you had been in Paris last Sunday, you would have bumped into hundreds of vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, buses and even bicycles. To be totally accurate, there were 740 of them and the most recent one was 30 years old.

I know that sometimes we Parisians are a bit (very?) snobbish but still we don’t drive vintage cars anymore. It was just the ninth “Traversée de Paris Estivale” (or summer Paris crossing) organized by Vincennes en Anciennes, the largest French association of vintage cars.

Of course, as a photographer, I could not resist but go and take pictures of these amazing Alvis, Cadillac, Citroen Traction Avant or Volkswagen Bettle cars! In fact, I had such a great time that I might organize a special workshop next year.


What do you think?

9ème Traversée de Paris vintage Cars





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