The Seine overflows

With more than 6 meters the level of the Seine overflows. The river recorded its highest level in thirty years. Fortunately, we are far from the level recorded in 1910 to more than 8 meters high. The Parisians came to attend this awesome spectacle of the rising water and take some shots to immortalize this memorable event. Isolated people for days have found a way to connect the mainland with a small boat. Disaster has been avoided and the river returns to normal life after 10 days.

In the past Bercy has been the capital of the wine for a long century and the Seine was daily used by the boats to bring the barrels on the river to be landed and stored in the cellars of Bercy, very close to the small harbor. If most of the cellars have been destroyed in the 80’s some old warehouses remaining the good old days of Bercy have been kept in Cour Saint-Emilion.


Port of Bercy
















Port of Bercy




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