Harvesting Time in Montmartre Parisian Clichés

Harvesting time in Montmartre ?

Harvest in Montmartre is ready soon.

The harvest of the the grapes in La Vigne du Clos Montmartre are very late in the year and generally starts around mid october, as for centuries.

In the eighteenth century, the hill was covered with 3/4 of vineyards with a north exposure, considered as an aberration for winemakers.

At that time, the wine was not subject to the rights granted because outside of Paris, favor the opening of taverns and cabarets in the neighborhood like the famous ” Au Lapin Agile ”.

When Montmartre was annexed to Paris in 1860, the houses grow at the expense of the remaining vines and in the thirties the vine is replanted from 2000 feets of Gamay and Pinot Noir.

With less than 1800 feets to date, the grapes are pressed in the cellars of the town hall of the 18th district and then auctioned.

Anayway the wine is still a product coming from the ground of Montmartre and Parisians are proud to get a wine from their 2000 square meters of productive land and we can still find Cuvée de la planète 2014.

To celebrate this event don’t miss the harvest festival beginning of october.


Harvesting Time in Montmartre Parisian Clichés


Harvesting Time in Montmartre Parisian Clichés


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