FullMoon in Paris


Fullmoon, moonset and sunrise

Wednesday morning,  14th December 2016 will be the last chance before many years to make great pictures of the SuperMoon, full moon, the moonset and the sunrise the same morning.

Timing will be perfect for travelers and photographers planning a trip in Paris during that period of the year.

A photography workshop will be opened by Parisian Clichés to Maximum four photographers for that exceptional morning.

It will be an opportunity to shoot the SuperMoon the 14th of December around 6am on Pont Neuf before the complete moonset planned at 9:30 am.

In this workshop we will get a chance to shoot the moon bigger than normal and maybe with nice colors during the moonset when the light of the sky is changing from the darkness to the light.
In the same morning the sunrise should start around 8:30am.

For this Workshop Photography you can download free Apps LightTrac and MoonCalendar a french calendrier lunaire to prepare your shooting.








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