Robert Doisneau in Cour Saint-Emilion

cour saint emilion

Cour Saint Emilion, rebirth of life with Robert Doisneau.

The bigest platform for storing wine coming from Bordeaux and Burgundy by the Seine settled in Bercy and specialy in Cour Saint-Emilion.
We still can have an idea of this famous place with those particular wharehouses transformed since the 90’s for new activities.

Robert Doisneau known as maybe one of the best photographer of that period in Paris took great black and white pictures during the 70’s in Cour Saint Emilion.

One of the last witness of all those people working around wine crafts.


robert doisneau in cour saint emilion

robert doisneau in cour saint emilion

A chance to feel life with a good glass of Bordeaux.

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