Classic cars crossing Paris

classic cars

For lovers of Paris and classic cars it’s the best opportunity to admire the most impressive parade of classic cars crossing the beautiful streets of Paris

Classic cars crossing Paris 30th of july

Classic cars summer edition 2017 took place this year 30th of july as every year since more than 10 years now.

The departure of the 10th summer crossing of Paris was given on the esplanade of the castle of Vincennes from 7am until 8am in the morning.
Each participant received the detail of the course to be officially followed.

The route plan, kept secret until departure, was distributed to each vehicle owner at the start of the event, after validation of their registration.

The year’s theme was the Parisian Train Stations which were honored without forgetting the classics by way of Montmartre then by the Place Clichy before heading to the Place de la Concorde then to the Esplanade des Invalides before joining the green fields of the Observatory’s terrace in Meudon.

Ancient buses have been provided by the organizers to transport the passengers who have followed the crossing.

classic cars

Place Félix Eboué

A white dress code

The mayor of paris who has banned the access to the capital to old vehicles since July 2016, it is more than 700 owners of old vehicles who waited for this date eagerly to make the most beautiful stroll of the year in an authorized Paris.
The crossing of Paris by the largest number of private collection vehicles is the best day of the year for each owner and to give a chic touch to the event, a dress code desired for all, the white.

classic cars
This is the occasion to proudly highlight his old vehicle by starting the day by the most beautiful stroll in the streets of the capital from 7 am before meeting in Meudon for a giant picnic around 12:30.
The demonstration ends around 16h.

On July 30, 2017, is an ideal day to admire the passage of all these vehicles in the deserted streets at the end of July.

A revealed Paris

For lovers of Paris and classic cars it’s the best opportunity to admire the most impressive parade of classic cars crossing the beautiful streets of Paris
A secret route revealed only at the beginning of the event.

classic cars

Bercy, the French Financial Ministry

If the car was mostly represented there were also motorcycles, mopeds, solex but also commercial vehicles, jeeps of the American army.


classic cars

Railway Station Gare de Lyon – Crossing General de Gaulle bridge

classic cars

classic cars

classic cars traversee de paris

classic cars

classic cars

classic cars

classic cars


classic cars

classic cars



The large final gathering of all the vehicles on the terrace of the Observatory of Meudon is a unique opportunity to admire closely all the participating vehicles.
A pleasure to find vehicles that will remind you of the first paid holidays of the 1930s but also and especially the big boom of the 60s and 70s.

Pictures of cars from the 30’s
Photos of cars from the 70’s

A festival of Mascottes

It is the opportunity for owners to display their personality, their pride but above all their passion for the car and the mascot that is at the front of the vehicle is a sign of belonging to a certain high social level.
Let’s find again a selection of the most beautiful mascots located on the radiator of the vehicle for most vehicles or simply on the hood for newer vehicles.

classic cars

Peugeot 203 – 1948 – Mascot – The lion

The vehicle is revolutionary in comparison to its previous model, the 202.
The line and the shapes of the Peugeot 203 attract the French as well as amateurs of beautiful American.

The lion as a mascot represents the manufacture of the blades and saws of the Peugeot brand but the image of the leaping lion.

The Peugeot 203 model is manufactured from 1948 until 1954.
Surely one of the biggest commercial successes before the arrival of the legendary


classic cars

Ford V8 Cabriolet 1934 – Mascot – The Greyhound
Ford’s successful bet, equipping the vehicle destined for a large production series with a V8 engine
and we can understand the choice of the greyhound as mascot symbol of flexibility and speed.



This special day is appreciated by the Parisian public as well as the French or foreign tourists passing through the capital.

Thanks to the organizers from Voitures en Anciennes  the biggest club of classic cars for this event.

You are welcome to join Fred for a Workshop Photography Tour in Paris, follow the link.


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