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How to shoot full moon in Paris during the night (titre 2)

titre 3

Shooting full moon in Paris when the sky is clean can be a simple exercice with a minimum of 200 mm lens, a tripod, a set up on the camera with ISO 100, focal 7,1 and a speed of 1/1000 s.
It’s better to shoot with a trigger or a timer to be sure nothing is moving.

It’s also a good opportunity to catch a great picture of a nice monument of the city of Paris with the full moon in your composition with the last lights of the night just before the sunrise.

On that workshop we prepared our shooting to catch the moon with a reasonable altitude in the sky. The free App LightTrac is one of the most simple tool to use to plan our shooting.
For our workshop we checked on the App that the moon is completly full around 1 am and will going down until moonset planned around 9:45 am. On the above picture the moon is really hight in the sky.
We need to shoot before sunrise and maybe one hour before the moonset in that winter time.
On the lightTrac App we can check the sun and the moon positions refering our location on the bridge along the Seine.
Now we checked we are on the right location to get the moon low in the sky expected aligment we can be checked with LightTrac App showing that the correct timing is around 8 am and 8:30 am.

Screen copy of the LightTrac App

We used a tripod and a 66 mm lense, ISO 200, focal 5,6 and a speed of 1/20 s to catch the city and the moon in the same time without photoshop retouching.
The result is a good composition between the Conciergerie, the river, the lights of the street lamps with their light beams on the river and the moon.



We are still in a night time and we had to shoot the moon during that time just before moonset and the exercice is more difficult because the moon is moving down very quickly now and we must arrange our set up to shoot for a cityscape with many hight lights but a dark sky before the sunrise.

In that case we pressed on the buttom around 8 :15am.

Find this link for the LightTrac App for your next shooting.





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