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Robert Gil shooting like a stakhanoviste more than 100 000 clichés over ten years

Music photography with Robert Gil

Robert Gil is a music photographer who loves music first of all.
Parisians know him like a reference in the small world we could call underground music for the best music photography.
It’s always a pleasure when you cross him during a concert in one of the hundred scenes of Paris.
Many people are convinced they are in the place to be when they see his black basque béret and his cameras in the middle of the crowd in front of a small or large scene.

On the tracks of his live photography tips…


Robert Gil is ready before half an hour before the performance of the first guests.
Best time for sharing with the public and the Production of the main show

Hiro Kone on the guest list for a first part
Controlling the light show

A live music photographer

Following Robert Gil during a live performance is not so easy.
Always dressed like a hunter with his black attire blending into the background and the dim light of the concert halls.
He likes to move a lot with his Canon cameras screwed to his black rapid straps and most of the time with his black bag on his shoulders.

He is absolutely one of the best active music photographers in Paris to shoot live performances.
At large festivals he can run between two stages and in Paris he can move from a room.

His website is the bigger testimony of a great passion for live music and music photography.
With more than ten thousand concerts and more than five thousands bands covered by Robert Gil he is decidedly my favorite live music photographer you should follow to learn how to shoot live music.

Following Robert Gil during Algiers performance in La maroquinerie

Tonight Robert Gil is in good form and Algiers is going to play in his favorite place La Maroquinerie.
He knows quite well the music performed by the band he saw already three times on different stages.
A new album coming out is the perfect pretext for shooting new pics of the leader of the band.

The first line for discret shooting or nothing

Franklin James Fisher singing
“Cry of the Martyrs”
from The underside of Power new album

Live photography tips with Robert Gil

Like a hunter, calm and patient

Taking care of the public when moving

To be quiet and discret

Robert Gil shooting like a stakhanoviste more than 100 000 clichés over ten years.
There is always one concert to be nominated each year in his earth.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is definitely his best concert for 2017

Nick Cave

Robert Gil website with more than 100.000 pics

Radical Production is taking care of Algiers but also a large catalogue of artists

La Maroquinerie presenting Algiers

Hiro Kone website

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